Winners Detail


On being the Top 3 Winners for the IBM SmartCamp for Smart City 2016!

Zippr Private Limited
Aditya Vuchi

“India’s address system is fragmented and unstructured due to explosive economic growth in the last 20 years. With innovative business models in e-commerce, transportation and others, the discovery of an address is important.
Address discovery and its efficient implementation solves issues in many verticals including emergency services, public distribution systems, healthcare, local commerce and logistics.”

Jaisimha Rao

By 2050, world’s population is set to rise to 9 billion. With arable lands decreasing the only way to feed the population is through increased yield. At TartanSense our mission is to bring actionable intelligence to the agricultural sector using precision data and machine learning through UAVs. It is estimated the UAV for agriculture market to be a $14 billion dollar TAM.

Get My Parking
Rasik Shivaji Pansare

Parking is fundamental to sustainable urban development. Not only do inefficient parking systems result in congestion and increased carbon emissions, they also waste commutersÂ’ time, lost productivity and economic opportunities and can lead to inefficient city services. Unorganised parking creates problem on multiple fronts.


Every citizen wastes time, fuel and energy in search of parking leading to higher traffic congestion and carbon emissions. The industry itself is unorganised and suffering from huge revenue leakage and lack of transparency. City Government being the largest owner of parking real estate also does not get its fair share of revenue.


The global market opportunity is of over $100 billion and most of the existing solutions are not flexible enough to succeed in emerging markets. Over $300 million investment was done in last few years in smart parking companies.