On being the Top 10 Finalists for the IBM SmartCamp for Smart City 2016!

Zippr Private Limited
Aditya Vuchi

“India’s address system is fragmented and unstructured due to explosive economic growth in the last 20 years. With innovative business models in e-commerce, transportation and others, the discovery of an address is important.


Address discovery and its efficient implementation solves issues in many verticals including emergency services, public distribution systems, healthcare, local commerce and logistics.”

We Do Sky
Jaspreet Singh Makkar

“We Do Sky bringing change – Media Coverage:”


Our country is seeing a radical change with the conceptualization of smart cities and we have come a long way ahead. However, even though smart cities are closer to execution, the challenges are galore. Team WeDoSky has taken up the task and is helping these cities to untangle their problems.


Let us explain our solution through various projects that we have carried out:


1. Mapping of Gharora Village (Haryana) – Based on Smart City Concept

• Census: House Count, Building & Landmark Count, Tree Count

• Mapping: Road Network Layout, Water & Sewage Network, Electricity Lines, Wi-fi Network

• Prediction: Solar Power Potential, Rooftop Water Harvesting, Water Logging Hazards

2. Mapping of Ramel Village (Uttar Pradesh) with IIT Kanpur – Clean Ganga Project

• Examination of Construction Land Elevation along the banks of river to asses the construction sewage flowing directly into river

• Tracking of Sewage Water Overflow from the drains running along the banks of River Ganga

As said, prevention is better than cure, the data generated would help villagers to predict the flow of waste and plan accordingly. River Ganga remains a major worry for environmentalist today and this technology can help in a significant way to mitigate the aforesaid concerns.


3. Mining Industry: WeDoSky is bringing change in the mining industry with pre-mining site planning, stockpile estimation and mine closure activities. The data provided will help miners take better decisions and save significant time and cost.

Get My Parking
Rasik Shivaji Pansare

“Parking is fundamental to sustainable urban development. Not only do inefficient parking systems result in congestion and increased carbon emissions, they also waste commuters’ time, lost productivity and economic opportunities and can lead to inefficient city services. Unorganised parking creates problem on multiple fronts.


Every citizen wastes time, fuel and energy in search of parking leading to higher traffic congestion and carbon emissions. The industry itself is unorganised and suffering from huge revenue leakage and lack of transparency. City Government being the largest owner of parking real estate also does not get its fair share of revenue.


The global market opportunity is of over $100 billion and most of the existing solutions are not flexible enough to succeed in emerging markets. Over $300 million investment was done in last few years in smart parking companies.”

Oizom Instruments Pvt. Ltd.
Ankit Vyas

“With increasing pollulatin and industrialization, Pollution has become an important issue in every urban space.

Existing pollution monitoring solution is not scalable due to exorbitant cost and space occupation. It is neither a sustainable model due to its heavy energy consumption and operation cost.”

Flamencotech (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Madhusudhan Rao

Overlay to all technologies making it the command and control centre application for Smart Cities

Jaisimha Rao

By 2050, world’s population is set to rise to 9 billion. With arable lands decreasing the only way to feed the population is through increased yield. At TartanSense our mission is to bring actionable intelligence to the agricultural sector using precision data and machine learning through UAVs. It is estimated the UAV for agriculture market to be a $14 billion dollar TAM.

LoudCell Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Ramesh Gupta

LoudCell products help customers eliminate energy wastage, manage their energy generation from grid, solar and diesel generators, and their energy consumption.

Esyasoft Technologies Private Limited
Bipin Chandra

The conventional electric grid is plagued by demand-supply mismatch, huge revenue losses and infrastructure that cannot handle two way grid flow w.r.t. renewable energy. Maintenance costs of this network infrastructure is also very high. Smart Grids apply digital technologies to manage growth of renewable and distributed energy resources, and increase involvement of electricity customers and businesses in both managing and producing energy.


Traditionally, utilities managed a fairly predictable system in terms of supply and demand of electricity with one-way flow from large, centralized generation plants to customers. The smart grid will be characterized by a two-way flow of electricity and information and will be capable of monitoring everything from power plants to customer preferences to the individual appliances and enable the instantaneous balance of supply and demand at the device level.


We are developing an integrated solution comprising the Smart Grid functional specifications, innovate new functionalities using Business Intelligence & Analytics and contribute towards the evolution of Smart Grid space in India. Our platform will integrate complete Power System value chain using Information & Communication Technologies. Our solution benefits multiple stakeholders and few of them are described as under:


Power utilities- will use our innovative solution to implement Peak Load shift and DR program, to cause changes in demand pattern & balance the demand supply gap. Utilities can better manage grid in terms of increased visibility of network and hence lower outages. AT&C losses come down through improved billing and realization efficiency and revenue protection algorithms. The network reliability increases with maintenance costs going down through asset condition monitoring module. Renewable sources can be effectively integrated with demand and supply forecasting. Integration of electric vehicles into the grid will be another key functionality of the future ready utility.


Consumers- Our solution allows consumers to directly engage with the utility obtain insights into their energy use. It helps in increasing efficient energy use and lowering electricity bill for consumers by offering customized tips for saving energy. Consumers can compare their energy use to similar neighbours in their category. Consumers cans participate in DR programs rolled by utilities for reducing peak energy consumption and earn incentives rolled out by utility.


Regulators- Studying energy consumption pattern and comparative analysis for rolling out regulatory guidelines for Peak Load Management (PLM)/Demand Response (DR) Program, Dynamic pricing, Time of Use (ToU) based tariff & its revision and defining future road map of utilities for power generation, transmission & distribution.

The Current Global Market size is about $ 56 billion and is expected to cross $400 Billion by 2020, with Latin America, South Asia & the MENA region being the fastest growing markets. Latin- America region is estimated to see investments of US$ 38.1 Billion in smart metering, distribution automation and network operations software up to 2025. South Asia, with its National Electrification Programs, fast growing economies and funding availability, is estimated to be a US$ 45 Billion market by 2026.


Ministry of Power, India estimates Indian grid modernization, including Smart Grid technology deployment, to be a US$ 50 Billion market over the coming decade. India’s mandate is of approx. $ 21 billion i.e. 250 million consumers to be part of Smart Grid roll out in the next 5-6 years.


Software solutions for the grid modernization efforts is estimated to be a US$ 4 Billion market in India and US$ 80 Billion globally by 2021.




Source: International Trade Administration Report on Smart Grids

Awadhesh Kumar

If we think of physical infrastructure for energy sector they are fairly connected, what is lacking though is collective intelligence. network today is smart but the real value from such smart network can truly be realized only if we add intelligence ono top of such connected infrastructure. we add intelligence to smart network

FlyBird Farm Innovaitons Pvt. Ltd.
Satish KS

Irrigating water at right time and right quantity is very Key for growing Plants/Crops.

Small and marginal farmers typically cannot afford Irrigation controllers and have to manually control water flow which can be Inaccurate and Inconsistent.

Over-irrigation or under irrigation for the crops/plants.

Water table is going down day by day, needs precise and effective utilization of natural and available resources.

And due to erratic agriculture power supply, farmer needs to there in farm at odd times and mid night to Irrigate the farm.

Agriculture labors migrating to cities and labor cost increasing day by day.