On being the Top 12 Finalists for the IBM SmartCamp for Health Tech 2016!

Oxyent Technologies
Harpreet Singh

Our child healthcare solution is India’s 1st hospital-linked application and a one-stop workflow solution for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) & the Pediatrics Department to assimilate and disseminate child information, starting from birth up to 12 years of age.
The solution is designed in such a manner that it leverages the IoT, Cloud and Big Data technology, enhancing the doctor-parent engagement model by enabling continuous and personalized child health monitoring. Our goal is to reduce the human error parameter and to provide a predictive model so that timely interventions can be done to save the lives of millions of children. Also, we provide a cloud-based solution which can be accessed anywhere.
A neonates complete life cycle is linked into the system, right from his stay in NICU to his discharge and vaccination till the age of 12 years. We have mobile applications (Android/IOS), which provides a channel for the parents to be directly involved as a part of the their child’s healthcare plan ( Growth/Vaccinations/Prescriptions). The application also removes the dependency on current paper- based system and provides a means for data integrity.

Akansh Khurana

Our platform structures data in a way that it becomes analyzable in a variety of ways, and for a broad range of stakeholders. We leverage this flexible database to deliver insights through our comprehensive analytical modules, including but not limited to, business intelligence (for management teams), clinical analytics (for doctors), and personalized care (for patients). Within our platform, we also offer inbuilt flexible modules that help capture and structure new datasets (e.g. clinical, administrative) in a structure that can enrich analytical insights.

Bodhi Health Education
Shrutika Girdhar

Bodhi provides talent sourcing and development platform for health care providers. For example, for Eye-Q India, our customer which is a chain of 50 eye care centers scaling up at the rate of 2 centers every month, perform 15,000 surgeries and see 400,000 OPD patients annually. They were facing issues like assessing and recruiting quality technicians, standardizing their skill sets across all centers and linking learning outcomes to promotion. They are currently using Bodhi’s online platform for selection and up-skilling OT technicians across all centers.



Our next customer, AII India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) – Delhi has a staff of 5000 nurses who cater to 8000 OPD patients daily. AIIMS had a challenge to provide any kind of training or evaluate training gaps for their nurses. They are using Bodhi’s online education platform to roll out timely refresher courses for their 5000 nurses. It is accessed by every nurse on demand and at her convenience and they are also able to obtain learning credits which help them to meet their registration license alive. Apart from this, we have NephroPlus, Columbia Asia chain of hospitals, SGT medical college, National Health Mission of Jammu & Kashmir as some of our customers

Pharmarack Technologies
Pradyumn Singh

Creates Network of all Pharma supply chain participants – Leveraging on Technology and network effect all of the above stated problems are addressed through application.

Deepu Sebin

DailyRounds is an academic network of Doctors. Doctors across the globe share and discuss unique and rare cases on DailyRounds. Each case gets a verified correct diagnosis within 24 hours of submission. This case library and discussions help senior doctors keep updated even after they have left the medical colleges. The DailyRounds library has replaced traditional medical journals, drug handbooks and pocket notes in many specialties. (These are typical content of a Doctor’s handbag that we are replacing.)

UE LifeSciences Inc.
Akshat Shah

Our innovation, iBreastExam (iBE) is the world’s first, US FDA cleared, hand-held, battery powered, fully wireless, mhealth solution for early detection of breast lesions. iBE offers an objective, quick, affordable, painless and radiation-free breast health test. The device can be operated by community health workers in any setting (clinic, home, office, rural health centre etc.) with results available at the PoC.
iBE is making an early detection test for breast lesions accessible, affordable, clinically relevant and culturally acceptable for the emerging markets.

Vivek Tiwari

It empowers medical institution in dealing with complex problems of Procurement & Purchases including logistics planning. We are on PIN CODE-based GIS system so that order delivery can happen in the shortest possible time with engagement of local supplier wherever possible. We are also engaging credit rating agencies and looking forward to provide SME loan options for the smaller institutions linked with our portal to facilitate B2B trading. This will be a unique and first hand experience for medical institutions to avail such facility at the click of a button.

Cladoop, INC
Muzammil Alam

Worked with some of the Top Neuropsychologists (Dr. Richard Fabes, Dr Tracey Spinrad, and Dr. Nancy Eisenberg) and Universities (Arizona State University) to develop a Multi Modal Attention measurement iPAD app that relies on all round measurement of Attention using multiple inputs.


1. EEG (Electroencephalography) : APP connects with our medical grade headband that captures brain signals and streams the information right into the iPAD. Research proves that a higher Theta-Beta ratio is a Biomarker for ADHD. We use FDA approved methods to include EEG analytics as part of our results
2. CPT (Continuous Performance Task) : Its central to the APP and all the modalities revolve around this core stimuli that the subject engages with
3. Head Motion: Children with ADHD move their heads 2.5 times more than normal children. An accurate gyroscope and accelerometer fitted right in the head set to give us accurate head motion analytics
4. Electro Dermal Activity : Research proves the relevance of the Phasic EDA spikes in ADHD children. A medical grade wristband captures accurate EDA and streams it directly to the APP.
5. Hear Rate Variability : Vagal tone is in-line with the EDA.
6. Facial Expression: ADHD children are more expressive and fidget through their faces while trying to concentrate. In-built sophisticated Computer Vision algorithms detect the Emotions/Expressions of the subject