On being the Top 12 Finalists for the IBM SmartCamp for FinTech 2016!


Sumit Karanji
DSYH (Don’t Scratch Your Head)

Single Window SaaS Platform running on smart algorithms and ruleboxes showing live pre-shipping profitability to sellers and also giving a master reconciliation report for all the transactions happening in the ecommerce space.


Vaibhav Lodha

ftcash enables businesses, merchants or home-based entrepreneurs in India with a feature phone or a smartphone to receive online payments securely, conveniently and cost-effectively. Our platform is built upon existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts of the merchants to create a real-time payment solution. We deliver a product ideally suited for SMEs, offline micro-merchants, remote businesses currently underserved by traditional payment mechanisms. We have removed entry barriers like upfront costs (of Point of Sale/Swipe Machines), monthly rentals, technical know-how, providing a market for small businesses to sell & collect payments, manage & grow rapidly. We are converting cash to digital payments, thereby creating unique transaction history which didn’t exist earlier. We will provide pre-approved advances/loans which can be disbursed at the click of a button and which can be uniquely paid back from their daily transactions, something like a daily EMI. While the proliferation of Whatsapp and Facebook has transcended from metros to cities and even villages we believe ftcash will be the enabler for them to accept electronic payments and access to institutional finance. We believe that it’s time “The Missing Middle” comes of age and gets access to better health, education and nutrition through financial inclusion.


Aruna Schwarz
Stelae Technologies

Our software Khemeia, is a fully automated extraction, semantic tagging and conversion solution, creating content injectable into Analytics platforms. It processes a full set of company accounts in 30 minutes compared to 4 hours in manual operation.


Ankit Ratan
Signzy Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Signzy aims to make digital regulatory processes simpler, secure and more compliant. The products include Digital Know Your Customer (KYC) APIs and Digital Contracting. Signzy’s APIs assist companies comply with RBIs KYC norms and AML/CFT guidelines in an automated and hassle free way using artificial intelligence. We are also running some pilots using block chains, which will allow financial service companies to make their regulatory processes like compliance with KYC norms and AML/CFT guidelines decentralized and secure. Signzy is also planning to implement Smart Contracts on financial assets, which may make use of Blockchain/UPI or both.


Manavjeet Singh
Founder & CEO

Rubique is an online marketplace for financial products offering a wide range of loan products and end- to-end loan fulfillment to individuals and MSMEs. This FinTech Company has introduced a tech-led lending solution which is unique in terms of its matchmaking algorithm and direct integration with Financial Institutions’lending systems. With this technology solution, the model is focused on disbursement rather than mere lead generation allowing customers to get the best deal in the quickest possible time while lowering the cost for customer acquisition for the Financial Institution.


Nitin Agrawal
ORO Wealth

ORO Wealth is a provider of automated wealth-management tools, which enable retail investors and financial intermediaries to easily access high quality, unbiased advice, and investment support. ORO is focussed on the $270bn Indian financial assets industry, which is expected to grow at 31% p.a. ORO’s tools also have the potential to go global and target the $294tn global financial assets industry.


Shyamal Mehta

UnoPay provides a mobile first platform for consumers to use any payment instruments to pay from their phone. The solution aggregates credit cards, debit cards, wallets, IMPS, UPI, gift cards, food vouchers etc. For merchants, on top of the payments platform (to accept all forms of digital payments) it also provides business tools to grow their business. These tools include loyalty, cashbacks, analytics, customer profiling and more.


Puneet Agarwal
WhizDM Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

The company has a smartphone App, Money View, that uses machine learning technology to extract financial transactional data from the SMS sent by the banks, and automatically organizes the financial information, without any user input. The app helps the users to manage their finances effortlessly, keep track of expenses, pay bills on time, save more money, and grow their savings by investing them wisely.


Naushad Contractor
Founder & CEO
Avenues Payments India Pvt. Ltd.

The company has 2 solutions. B2C platform called is a 24x7x365 mobile and internet based option to send money from any bankk account in the world to any other person’s bank account in another country. Whats more, a specially designed AML KYC & Compliance platform takes care of most of the processes and requirements in a single window near real-time. Complex Linkages between disparate systems are built to make it very simple, yet secure for the customer. Each process in the transaction is maker authorizer-driven making employee fraud near impossible. Also, no manual intervention with full Straight Through Processing between various systems makes sure that there is no scope for error. The B2B option is for offering this platform as a white labeled solution for banks across the world. If each bank built their own such system, it would cost them anywhere between half to one million USD, if not more. Here, they can get it at a fraction of the capital cost with fully-loaded compliance, marketing, customer service and operations tools which is tried and tested for millions of transactions across multiple geographies and currencies.


Bhuvan Rustagi

Lendbox has created a P2P Lending network and a credit marketplace which addresses the underserved borrowers and India’s investment hungry retail investors who are seeking new avenues to invest and create wealth. On Lendbox, creditworthy borrowers and retail or even institutional investors can transact on short to medium term unsecured personal loans ranging from Rs 25,000 to Rs 5,00,000 or higher in some circumstances. The interest rates on the loans range from 12% to 36% over a tenure of 6 months to 36 months. Lendbox has created a proprietary data analytics engine which takes into account over 200 data points of each borrower from his financials, to his online behaviour to his residential status amongst many others and forms an initial opinion on the borrower’s character profile before our experienced risk assessment team gives the final go-ahead. We look at more than just the credit bureau score and have a significantly efficient credit assessment system. Hence clearing loan applications within 24-48 hours of receiving them. Lendbox offers a solution where a good borrower can get a loan by just sitting at home and within days rather than dealing with bureaucratic financial institutions which take days and mounds of paperwork to process a loan. Investors can enjoy a high rate of return and a transparent system where they exactly know where their funds are being invested and they get monthly cash flows which can be reinvested to further make their money work for them.


Subramanya Venkat Sumukh
Finwizard Technology Pvt Ltd (fisdom)

Fisdom is a mobile and web-based “guided choice” platform that simplifies financial investing for the mass and mass affluent population, and makes financial advice more accessible, understandable and quick. By leveraging technology, we provide transparent, objective and personalized advice. Fisdom makes it very easy:
a) To become an investor (‘Know your customer’ compliant through Aadhar eKYC)
b) Get personalized recommendations for specific end goal
c) Digitally transact and
d) Manage portfolio in a tax optimised and cost-efficient manner


Harshit Madan
Musk Technologies

Musk has built an intelligent platform that manages the entire life-cycle of the supply chain finance program on an end-to-end basis. The cloud-based platform automates the entire discounting process, through corporate/bank ERP integration and digital supplier onboarding, to significantly cut down the cost of operations. Use of machine learning algorithms and advanced credit scoring models, that analyze buyer-supplier transaction data on 24×7 basis, helps our lending partners identify risks of collusion and supplier default accurately. Such technology-driven cost reduction and improved fraud detection makes our supply chain programs scalable and effective.