On being the Top 10 Finalists for the IBM SmartCamp for Deep Tech 2016!


Staqu Technolgoies
Atul Rai

“We provide API to our E-commerce partners which they can integrate in their exisitng backend to utilise all our AI powered technologies (VGrep API Suite) which encompasses :
– Visual search API
– Recommendation API
– Trend Analysis from videos API
– Analytics Engine
– Smart Recommendation Engine for Users”


Appiyo Technologies Pte Ltd
P Ashok Anand

Our platform provides for a BOT on the cloud which can interpret actionable content from mobile messengers and integrates/communicates the same with computing backbone. Unique actionable widgets offered by our solution are ‘Loaded Buttons – Buttons loaded with logic’, ‘Forms Shipping – Meta data defines UI forms shipped along with messages’ & ‘Embedded Commands – Commands embedded with in text messages’.


Vaishali Neotia

“RED is designed to be intuitive and simple for all users. It includes the following features:

1. interoperable: RED is interoperable with almost all major 3D formats. This will enable it to plug into any authoring pipeline today. For eg, architectural pipelines usually include AutoCAD, 3DSMax and Sketchup. RED can import any Sketchup file to create a VR walkthrough of a real estate property in a few clicks.

2. low learning curve: RED comes with built in templates for different use cases – Architecture, Engineering, Visualization. Users can select a template, import a 3D model and directly publish a VR experience.

3. cross-platform: RED can output to all major platforms including mobile (Samsung Gear VR), desktop (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive) and head mounted (Hololens).”


GenCrunch STPL
Sushanth Abhishek

The solution takes less than 2 hours to deploy per store location and immediately starts gathering every bill generated data, while continuing to analyze customers spends across the network. The solution further sends the bill to the app on the customer mobile phone and stops the bill print from coming out.


Clean Slate Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Siddharth Desai

“Our indoor location proximity platform detects the presence and behaviour of smartphones inside any indoor venue to trigger pre-programmed actions which can deliver contextual and personalized experiences. Our inLocate platform is an SDK which integrates with any mobile app, and locates smartphone user’s position inside & in proximity of pre-mapped indoor venues like stores, malls, airports etc. Our indoor location initialization process involves walking a few steps around the venue with an internal app to create a MEMS sensor fingerprint of the venue. Once the inLocate SDK gets integrated with a mobile app, we are able to seamlessly track users’ presence, entry and exit inside & near the initialized indoor venues even if GPS/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth are disabled.
The inLocate SDK is a highly secure cookie for the offline world and doesn’t collect any personally identifiable information about users. The SDK goes live on mobile apps only after user permissions and has an opt-out mechanism. Attaching a Demo Video:”

KrypC Technologies Pvt Ltd

“Our solution KrypCore solve the problem by:
1. Enabling business users to create a distributed business application with minimal programming effort and plug into the blockchain protocol of choice 2. KrypC allows for use of integration of existing or creation of new legally valid identity layer 3. KrypC allows for use of integration of existing LoB applications, collection of vendor data and allows for quick enablement of all the participants to report into the blockchain”

NeuroEquilibrium Diagnostic Systems Pvt Ltd
Rajneesh Bhandari

“•Developed 4 diagnostic systems for evaluation of dizziness & balance disorders. Applied for 3 patents
Developed Vertigo assessment platform where all patient data is on the cloud, the history is digitally recorded and the diagnosis & treatment is also on the cloud.
Setting up of virtual vertigo board where the patients can be evaluated remotely by a group of ENT , Neurologist & Psychiatrist for a complete evaluation
We are setting up 125 super- specialty vertigo clinics across India in collaboration with leading ENT & Neurologist to treat a million patients by 2021.
12 such clinics which leverage cloud technology for remote diagnosis & treatment already operational including one in Cyprus
More than 1400 patients already diagnosed & treated through the platform
Big data analytics being used for better patient management & outcome . In the process of using AI for automated diagnosis & treatment of patients
Development of vestibular rehabilitation using Virtual reality”